Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Irata-Eye of Ra music video

Last fall I served as DP on a music video for the band IRATA. The song "Eye of Ra" is from their first CD. Love the song and the band. Look here for a post about the shoot.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Going Green

We have made a commitment for Mark Wagoner Productions to go green. Yes we are painting our cyc wall "green-screen" green. It will give us 17'w, 14'h, 12'd, of flat Rosco green paint. This is the "official" green color so it should key out nicely. We will have it ready at all times with only the need to touch up the floor. We already have projects that are slated to shoot on our green stage area, nice! Book now, book often.

First coat done, it's like watching paint dry.

Car Rig

Last week we had to mount our HVX200 on my van for a time lapse shot for a TV show we are shooting. While it was mounted, I shot a little extra footage. Here are some production stills of the rig and the outcome of the second shoot of the day. Although we had done a test shoot a few weeks ago, on this set-up we learned a lot about rigging the camera to the car. Our next rig will smooth out the shots even more.